There are so many ways to use sea moss gel! Whether you are adding it to a smoothie for a boost of nutrients or using it topically for skin care, this superfood has many health benefits and endless uses.

If this list inspires you to make your own, check out our in-depth guide on How to Make Sea Moss Gel.

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What is Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss gel, derived from Irish moss (Chondrus crispus), is a nutrient-rich edible seaweed that can be used in various ways to enhance your overall well-being. To learn more about the health benefits of sea moss gel, check out our guide.

How to Use Sea Moss Gel

On its own, it has a neutral taste and smooth texture that makes it easy to mix with other ingredients. When added to other ingredients, it’s undetectable but your body will definitely notice its impact. And once you learn the best ways to use sea moss gel, you’ll want to add it to everything!

1. Add to Smoothies.

Blend it into smoothies or shakes with fruits and veggies for a nutritional boost. It thickens the consistency and provides vitamins and minerals. Add 1 tablespoon to recipes like this Cherimoya Smoothie or Hydrating Cherry Smoothie.

glasses filed with assorted smoothies with sea moss gel

2. Add to Juices.

Putting it in your juices is an easy way to quickly consume the gel. It pairs well with any flavor because it’s virtually tasteless. Try 1-2 tablespoons in this Spirulina Drink or Cantaloupe Juice.

a pitcher of spirulina drink (with the option to include sea moss gel)

3. Mix in Tea or Coffee.

Some people mix a small amount of sea moss gel into water, herbal teas, and coffee drinks as a natural source of hydration. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, this a great way to get a healthy boost first thing in the morning.

Stir it in right along with your sugar and creamer. Add it to your coffee or this refreshing Espresso Tonic. If you’re more of a tea drinker, include it in Cacao Tea or in a hot cup of Digestive Tea.

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4. Use as a thickening agent when cooking.

Sea moss gel is an excellent natural thickening agent in recipes, such as soups, stews, porridges, oatmeals, and sauces. It has a jelly-like consistency that works as a vegan alternative to gelatin. You can achieve a creamy texture without using dairy or artificial thickeners. Try it with breakfast in a Savory Oatmeal or in this Green Goddess Soup recipe for lunch or dinner.

dips and spreads

5. Binding agent to replace eggs.

This a great egg substitute for vegan recipes. Simply use 2 tablespoons of sea moss gel in order to replace one egg in a recipe. Use this in everything from pancakes to desserts. Try it the next time you make Vegan Gluten-Free Pancakes.

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6. Add To Salad Dressing.

Another easy way to get in your daily dose is to add it to salad dressing. Mix it into your favorite salad dressing to enhance its nutritional content and add a creamy texture. Add one tablespoon to sweet (Honey Lime Dressing) or savory (Vegan Caesar Salad) recipes.

a platter of salad with a side of sea moss gel salad dressing

7. Add to dips and yogurt.

Whether it’s a parfait, fruit dip, or a granola bowl, adding a dollop to creamy yogurt is the way to go. Adding it boosts the probiotic levels in your yogurt. Include it in a Yogurt with Granola Bowl recipe.

two yogurt parfaits made with sea moss gel

8. Use it as a face mask.

This plant-based substance is rich in Vitamin C, which increases the body’s production of collagen. Wondering how to use sea moss gel for skin? Combine sea moss with honey, avocado, ground turmeric, and aloe gel.

Apply it to clean skin, then allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes. When applied, it feels cool and refreshing. It immediately moisturizes and softens your skin while giving you a clearer complexion over time.

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9. Use as a hair mask.

There are different ways to use sea moss gel that doesn’t involve ingesting it. Apply it to the hair and the scalp as a conditioning treatment. Mix sea moss and egg yolk, coconut oil, yogurt, or avocado and olive oil. It is thought to help promote hair growth, strengthen hair strands, and provide essential nutrients to the scalp.

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10. Mix in the water to water house plants.

But the benefits don’t stop with humans. It’s also good for your plants! It provides plant soil with nutrients. Add a few tablespoons to half a gallon of water and use it to water your greenery once a month.

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What is the best way to consume sea moss gel?

It is incredibly versatile so it can be used in beverages, soups, sauces, dips, hair care, and skincare. The best way to consume it is whichever method is most convenient for your lifestyle. You can always consume it as is by eating a spoonful but most prefer to add it to their drinks. So try it in a smoothie, coffee, tea, or juice for an easy way to get some extra nutrients.

How much sea moss gel do you take a day?

The general rule of thumb is to consume 1-2 tablespoons daily. However, individual needs may vary so consult with a medical provider or dietician if necessary.

How do you know if sea moss gel is bad?

Although it comes from the ocean, it should not have an overwhelming fishy smell. If it smells pungent or sour, toss it. If the consistency has become more wet or watery than jelly, it has more than likely gone bad.

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